15mm Fantasy Part II

My trade also including a collection of 15mm Undead figures.  These gave me a chance to try out The Army Painters "Skeleton Bone" tinted primer on Skeletons rather than modern microarmor for one.  The collection included three unpainted Splintered Light Bone chariots:

The pack included two archers and one spearman.  There were also two sets of horses for chariot: 1 Wet (Zombie) and 1 dry (Skeleton).  I admit to not being a very big zombie fan, so I went with the dry selection.  Perhaps these can provide an interesting diversion for my Crusader force.  Maybe someone upset a long dead Hyksos prince?

There is also some Infantry to add to the mix:

Hard to see, but these are pikemen
Gotta have the cloaked horrors....

These were fun to paint, but I doubt I will ever actually use them...  Like that has ever stopped me.


  1. I really like the Skeletal Chariots!

    "Like that has ever stopped me" - LOL!

    Eventually I'll have to post pictures of my 2 ECW armies to my blog; painted back around 1974, they make it onto the table about once a decade!

  2. Nice looking dead guys LOL

    I was given a Selucid army before Christmas and along with it was a Orc and Goblin army sitting in the bottom of the box. I plan to aint it up as I paint up the rest, a nice break from the rest. It may well get played with as my young kids become older kids. They already play German board games so they have a start



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