15mm Fantasy Part I

Yeah, I know "Elves, Dwarves and other Nerdy things."  I got these on a trade for some excess 15mm Napoleonic British, and I like how they turned out.  My son loves to play with my 15mm Knights, so I figured I would get some fantasy figures to go along with them for the more outlandish fights.

They arrived looking a little rough for wear

But with some touch ups and flock, they are restored to my own mediocre standard:

I based a few as individual skirmishes, and of course a couple of commanders

There is a certain appeal to painting Sci-Fi and Fantasy figures after you spend so much time painting historicals.  There is something about just mixing whatever colors you like, source material-be-damned that is so satisfying.   I believe that most of these figs are from a fantasy game called Demonworld.  The exception are the spearmen, I have had no luck identifying the manufacturer on them.