WoR.... Almost there....

My last unit of archers is now complete.  After rebasing my old Empire miniatures, I felt inspired to replacate my armored archers in 6mm.  I know these are missing the little feathered plumes in their helmets, but the scale does allow for a 'cuirass' to be painted on realistically.

Armored Archers
  Also on the completed side of the ledger are some General's and leader's stands.  Again, these are based on small circular bases to denote sub-commanders, with army commanders on larger bases.

Three generic generals
We'll name this Sir Gui of Rouge....

The leader of the formidable Red and Black entourage
His opponent the noble Lord Whitenblau

I had a few command figs left over, so I figure why not have some foot command for a muddy day?


  1. I like the faux-names for the Generals!

  2. If it is not readily apparent I have no idea which generals I really want to use. Everytime I start reading about the WOTR I feel my brain start rebelling. I seems deeply convoluted to me. I get why people compare the Game of Thrones books to this time period.


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