Rehabilitating the past

Reiksguard Foot with 2-handed weapons

Yeah, I know, not 6mm.  We are looking at moving to a new home, and so I am in the process of packing away my vast collection.  I stumbled upon my long abandoned WHFB Empire army and felt saddened by their pathetic bases.  These are some of he first 'historical' figs (beyond Microarmor) I ever did, and sparked my addiction with Medieval miniatures.  I know they are not technically historical figs, but these are back from when Warhammer borrowed heavily from historical themes.  My Halberdiers all had 'Ersatz-solder' embossed on the stand-tab , and my Kislevite Horse Archers were marked "Cossack" on their tabs.
Reiksguard Foot
This is the first unit that I have decided to 'rehabilitate'  I may never use them again, but they need to be display worthy.  I am also in the process of re-basing my 15mm War of 1812 Americans, so I will probably indulge myself with an update from them as well.  My apologies to the 6mm purists I am offending.


  1. I have a whole host of badly based fantasy figures tucked away myself. Don't forget to snap a "before" shot as well for the next unit you do.

  2. funny you should mention that part. I have re based around 100 of these figs, and not taken a single "before" shot. Ah well, I will at least get a before shot when I attempt the cavalry units.


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