Pass the Cuirassier...

I won't lie, these guys have been waiting far to long (almost a year now) for a coat of paint of their own.  After discovering that my two painted units of 6mm Cuirassier were actually Carabiniers, I was of course mortified.  Here now are some proper models done up in five different colors:  Red, Crimson, Orange, Yellow and of course the dreaded pink!

I really quite like these turned out and intend to finish another five stands to complete all my future heavy cavalry needs.  This of course allowed me to address the egregious slight to the Carabiniers' honor

As you can see, the trumpeter came our much bluer than expected, and will need a lighter blue to fit in with his new fancier duds.  

I am not sure of the manufacturer of these Carabiniers.  They look like Baccus figs, but I can't seem to find them in the catalog.  Regardless, they are quite nice for the scale as are the Curassiers.  Next up are the finished French limbers.


  1. I actually rather like the French Cuirassiers with the pink facings; if necessary one can refer to them with the French term, "Rose". :-)

    Glad to see your Carabiniers accorded their due!


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