Getting Limber for Spring

A have moved back into a Napoleonics phase.  These beauties are the Baccus Austrian Limbers and Caissons.  They are the type of thing I always get, and then never find the time to actually paint.  I really have no idea what I am going to use the Caissons for, I just like having them I guess.

The Baccus limbers all come with strips of three horses in line, and another strip of three with mounted troopers/mule skinners/drivers.  The problem I found is that the three long strips with limber take up too much of a 30x60mm stand.

With that in mind, I tried some with only four horses instead of six....

Much better fit.  

The caissons presented no such problem.

For the bases, I tried to replicate a road bed for them to be trundling along.  It makes them look good in column.

Next up I have their French counterparts to finish.


  1. I love the look of caissons and limbers in any scale, but usually only do a very few of them. in 28mm, they're pretty expensive, plus the time to paint. I never use 6 horses, and even 4 tends to tie up a lot of table space (of course, that makes a battery occupy a more realistic footprint, which isn't really bad, but still... I usually try to get away with just a pair of horses w/ a driver/rider, incorrect as it is technically!

  2. Very nice looking. I have a load of Irregular 4 and 6 horse limbers but will replace these (and the gunes) with Baccus over time. I just finished a couple of wagons I bought on e-bay (H&R) I don't NEED them but felt I needed them. Seems fair enough to me LOL


  3. Nice caissons and I really like the idea of the road in the base. Very good visual!

  4. Thanks to all. I just finished painting the French counterparts and they are in the process of being based. I have noticed from the Baccus website that he trimmed off the tongue of the limber and cassions. Do you guys keep them there are let the cart 'float' freely?


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