Emperor of Rome

Wow, I actually painted some command figs...  

For some reason, I have had some serious painters block when it comes to 6mm command figs.  My table is littered with Medieval lords, French Marshals and an Austrian Generalissimo.  I finally finished my Roman command pack, including two "Emperors" with their purple cloaks.  I figure with the number of times a Roman general met with some success, only to be proclaimed emperor by his men and then march on Rome.  I should probably represent a few for some Civil War type scenarios.

For my command stands, I have started basing all of them (including Microarmor) on round bases to help set them apart.  It also helps to psychologically enforce their presence is more well, psychological, than physical on most battlefields.  As most rule sets establish the command level by either the number of figs on the stand or the size of the base, I use two separate bases.  Small bases with 1-2 figs for sub commanders and large bases with 2,3 and 4 to represent force leaders of various skill-level.

The Pretender