Only a few sticks of War of the Roses figs remain, until I am complete.  This unit of peasants has been haunting me for a couple of months.  I wanted to give them a real jumbled look, and that meant lots of going back over the same figs when I had some paints left over from the other units.

That said, I really like how dense these formations look at this scale.  6mm gives that sense of mass, I haven't been able to pull off at 15mm.  (although I am sure I could if I decided to just triple the size of those units...)
I am still trying to decide on an approach for standards, which is leaving my collection looking somewhat bare.  I have been suffering some severe painters block on doing command figs, which is probably why.  Everytime I decide on a heraldry pattern for the WoR command figs, I find ten reasons why I should paint them up differently.  That, and I am considering moving the WoR focus to something more continental...

That said, man these are nice sculpts


  1. Oddly, I really like your peasants! They look very good, especially for 6mm figures.

  2. What is the name of the pack you have here? I've been looking for 6mm peasants and swordsmen but I can't find any for the War of the Roses!

  3. These are Baccus WOR8 Levy Spearman


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