BOAR air support

I recently finished some British Aviation assets to add to my GHQ BOAR brigades.  As always GHQ has done a masterful job with these sculpts and the pictures do not do them justice.  The brass-etched rotors are very clean, although one of the Lynx models proved very resistant to having its skids added.  I still like to use a mix of the older clear disks for my helos, just because I like the 'in-operation' look.  That said, I have been seriously considering switching to the picoarmor 3mm aircraft to better reflect the "squadron in a stand" mentality for air.  Especially as most rule sets don't allow for linger time with CAS and limited time for rotary assets.   
AS532 Cougar from GHQ

Westland Lynx in AT configuration also from GHQ

Harrier Jumpjet, I think this is CinC

I hve also been working on a small French contingent and added this Gazelle in desert colors as it can serve double duty as an Middle Eastern Client state export.  I need to take a better picture for sure