Well, as the grand storm of 2012 continues to provide a second winter break (or perhaps an early spring break?)  I am taking the opportunity to snap a few pics of the figs I finished over the last year.

I have been sitting on the GHQ Modern USN LCAC Assault team for almost three years now.  The models themselves are beautifully sculpted and exceptionally heavy.  There is no resin here, all pure white metal.  The brass etched bits can be somewhat frustrating to work with at first, but do provide outstanding results.

The set includes 2 LCACs, which is probably two more than I will ever use in a game, plus the decal set.  Two M1A1 models are also included, which is nice, but I would have preferred 1 M1 and maybe some softskins or LAVs to make up the cargo for the other one.

LCAC 50 with some recently completed LAV-25s

LCAC-39 with one of the included M1A1s
Overall, a very nice model with excellent attention to detail.  Which is what you expect from GHQ.


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