2011 At a glance

I must say this has been a banner year in painting for me.  The switch to 6mm scale has allowed me to complete a sizeable chunk of my collection, and actually feel I am close to finishing some of the most significant areas of interest.  It doesn't hurt that I spent several weeks in hotel rooms on TDY and thus found myself with plenty of evening time to plug away at painting sticks.  (6mm lends itself very well to a 'travel bag' for painting.)  On top of that, the death of an real history programming on the history channel and original programming on television in general, has resulting in me switching to audio history podcasts which are very conducive to painting.  For those of you looking for such things I heartily recommend the following:

A History of Rome Over 80 hours and growing
Ancient Warfare
BBC History Magazine's History Extra
The History Network
The History of England
A History of the World in 100 Objects
Meeples and Miniatures
View from the Veranda
Norman Centuries
A short history of Japan

I've also been listening to audio books from Audible.com and am currently on "Lost to the West" by Lars Brownworth (The same author as the Norman Centuries podcast)  It is a fascinating study of the Eastern Roman Empire from the fall of the West in 476 to the Ottoman conquest in 1343.

So with that, 2011 in review...

Baccus Romans and War of the Roses

As previously shown here, I finished a vast chunk of my Baccus War of the Roses and Imperial Romans.  For 2012  my goal is to complete my Britons and Gauls to give the Romans someone to play with.

Modern GHQ
Most of my microarmor focus has been on Moderns of late.  All of my stuff is organized for Modern Spearhead, although I have tried Cold War Commander with mixed results.  This year's additions include:

An ultra modern Soviet Brigade combat team including T-90s, BMP 3s, and all the latest kit.
80's era West German Panzer Brigade with Leo IIs and Marders
80's era West German HEER Brigade with Motorized Infantry, M113s and Leopard Is
Desert Storm US Armor Brigade w/M1A1s and M2s
Completed my two British Armor Brigades (1 Challenger,1 Chieftain) to include some much needed air support
Several Infantry Battalions for the Germans, British, Soviets, USMC and Cold War Americans
Also completed about 200 models to round out Israeli, Egyptian, Canadian and other battlegroups.

For 2012 I am going to complete my Chinese, Iranian and Iraqi infantry and armor Brigades.  Then it is back to World War II to complete my much neglected Early War French.

Baccus and Adler French and Austrians
The 1809 collection was incredibly close to completion until I foolishly picked up a big box of used Baccus figs including another 30 odd stands of Austrian Infantry and about 50 stands of French in Bicornes.  That said, the first priority is to complete my cavalry contingents for both sides as well as the personalities. Following that, I intend to finally tackle the Guard.

Anyway, that is my 2011 in review.  Now to actually do some closeups of each of the forces.....


  1. Now THAT is a heck of a productive year! Good work.



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