Norman Adventures

Merry Christmas to all.  In my most recent order from Baccus I went ahead and got some trial packs of the  the new Early Medieval Norman line.  I painted up the Norman archers and based them in a more 'open order' than the later English bowmen.  This helps to differentiate them from afar, and also makes them usable as generic skirmishers for other armies/eras.

The newer sculpts are much cleaner than the older stuff I have been doing this year and were very easy to paint.  I simply applied a Army Painter Leather Brown primer and then randomly applied from a series of earthtones from the old old Polly-S fantasy range.  I followed up with a brown wash and then highlights with the same paints.  

Next up in this range will be a group of charging Norman Knights.


  1. Just looking at the Baccus Gallery and came accross your blog. Looks very interesting, though you put my 6mm painting speed to shame LOL.


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