Late Medieval

With 2011 rapidly drawing to close, I am trying to finally complete all of the 'smaller' 6mm projects I have had waiting in the wings.  I purchased a couple of War of the Roses armies from Baccus when they were first released, but allowed them to languish in their boxes until this year.  I have decided to paint the whole lot up as more of a 'generic' Medieval force rather than specific contingents from the War of the Roses.  At this scale it is hard to tell specifics without the appropriate banners anyway.  

Also, my son and I decided to build a 'picture box' together, so I guess this is the best way to unveil it.  

For the first battle group I used the Prince of Wales red/black color scheme from an old Wargames Illustrated article.  I started out basing everything for Warmaster Ancients(WA), but really like the looks of Field of Glory (FoG).  I prefer the look of 4 stand units, however as they allow the right look for 'mass' in the various formation.  To that end, I decided to expand all of my units to 6 stands each.  That allows for larger BGs in FoG and can also be split into two units for   WA.

The Dismounted men at arms lend themselves to modularity as the only unit specific stand are the command stands.  

The Mercenary Pikes are my new favorite unit.  Their massed pikes really highlight the advantages of the 6mm scale for me.

I am now up to 36 stands of archers in various livery.  

And of course some pikes.  I have two additional stands on the painting table waiting to finish them out.

I finally completed all of my four stand Hobilar units, just in time to decide to expand them all to six stands.  

I know units of the time were never this uniform, however, I find it useful for giving the right look to the battlefield at this scale.

The first completed batch of armored wedges. The next step it to add the tiny pennants to differentiate the nights and give it a less uniform appearance.

And finally, I finished my arrowhead formation archers.  


  1. A very attractive and versatile force. The Box shows them to very good advantage! I agree with you in allowing some "artistic"/gaming license as far as more "uniform" paint schemes; certainly facilitates telling units apart on the tabletop.


  2. Nice looking units, I also like what you did with the background!


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