Stepping back another millienium or so...

Republican Roman Legionaries
I am trying to get most of my small collections painted up and based to clear out the storage bins.  My goal this year was to paint at least 2500 6mm minis, and I think I may have exceeded that by an exceptional degree.  I painted about 800 for a trade with a friend, so now it's all about getting my vast stores of unpainted lead coated and based. 

Roman Leadership

Along with the small Republican era contingent I have, I have also made some headway on my Early Imperial "Hollywood" Romans.  These are the guys I have always pictured when I think of the legions thanks to their popularity in pop culture.  These are also the old Baccus figs and don't really compare to the new stuff.

EIR Contingent

Cavalry Contingent

Along the same lines, I wanted to try painting some of the Celtic Chariots I've had sitting around using The Army Painter sprays and varnishes.  The skeleton bone makes a great base coat for chariots and US Desert tanks alike.

Leader Stands
Chariot Unit Advancing

and finally a trio of Irregular Minis Elephants.

Elephants unleashed.
Next up, some better shots of my Baccus Austrians and French Cavalry


  1. I almost hate to say it, but the 6mm elephants are kinda... cute! :-)

    The mass effect of the 6mm troops really shows to advantage in the wider shots.



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