US Helo Support

Not to make it all one sided, here is a collection of US support and attack rotary aviation.  I haven't added any decals yet, and still need to find the rotary solution I need.

My preferred rules for Modern Microarmor is Modern Spearhead, thus I rarely find the need to use Transport helos, as they basically drop and lift within 1 turn (30min simulated real-time).  That said, no modern army is complete without some air support.
Blackhawks lifting with a chalk
Cobras from Various Manufacturers

OH-58s awaiting Upgrade. 

Many of these figures could be classified as "refurbished" as they arrived in various states of repair/paint schemes and I have done my best to strip and paint them.  The OH-58s shown above are either going to getting modfied with optic domes and weapon pods, or I will need to get some new ones.  They work fine for 80's era "pink teams" with the cobras, but I want to have at least one Scout Weapons Team (SWT) for ultra moderns.

US Army aviation operating out of a Soviet-era airfield somewhere in the former Yugoslavia

The terrain was originally produced by "Red-Rick" (site no longer works) and is an awesome runway for larger objective based games.

How do you if someone is an Apache pilot?  He'll tell you.

And lastly, some good old-fasioned slicks to go with the snakes.

Air Assault Squadron prepares to lift.