Semper Fi

One of the first armies I painted up for Modern Spearhead, was a US Marine Expeditionary Force. (MEF)  I found a scenario in a magazine related to a re-inforced MEB assaulting the beaches in a un-anmed African country in order to protect aid workers and rescue US Diplomatic Personnel.  I decided to go through my unpainted/badly painted minis pile in order to cobble together a reasonable force.
The full force
The force is comprised of two infantry battalions, a light armor battalion and some supporting elements.

1st BN

2nd BN

Light Armor BN

Amphib Detachment

Recon Company

Armor Company
This is one of the few units I have that used the old styly GHQ infantry stands.  I never liked the blocky look and tended to counters.  Since the release of the new figs, however, I have ceased the use of counters altogether.

Company HQ

Mortar Platoon

One interesting piece I got in a trade was an attempt to kit-base a LAV-AD vehicle.  It doesn't look much like the source material (it is just an M163 PIVAD turret on a LAV-25 chassis)  but it does get the point across
LAV-AD attempt - It lacks the Stingers...
M1A1 Common
The paint scheme came out odd on these as it was my first attempt at using a commercial stain/varnish to give  the pieces a wash.  While I like the color effect, it gave everything a thick-paste like quality.  Eventually I intend to actually fix the edges with a black marker.