Representing towns and cities

I think I have solved the housing problem.  I found some old village/town hexes for a long defunct fantasy game, and they were the perfect size.  I made a little RTV mold and quick cast some plaster pieces....

The scale is tiny enough to work with the scale and also with any Spearhead style Microarmor games I may decide to try.  (The thought of using some Leopards to defend the valley from an MRR or two c. 1984 seems interesting...)

I plan on mounting the central buildings on carpet tacks to give some modular-ity for placing units in the towns as well.

As a quick add on, I finished painting the houses tonight.
Tomorrow I can bring the map together


  1. Great! Looks like you've come up with good solutions to the tree and building issues!

  2. really incredible looking scenery!




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