Now with Buildings

I added the buildings today:

Rather than fiddle with the pins, I opted to mount the central buildings for Teugn and Hausen on a 30x60mm base.  That way I can simply replace them with a regimental stand
Hausen from the North
Hausen with Austrian Defenders
Teugn from the North
Legere occupy the City

I have also assembled most of the forces.

Davout's III Corps

Hohenzollern's Corps

From Above
The Corps on Parade
 I just primed the 6mm Adler Davout figure I received from Stone Mountain Miniatures, so I can get the right look to the group.  I am using some Baccus Jaeger's as a stand-in for the Erherzog Karl Legion, until I can find some suitable figures. For the artillery I am using 3 Figure stands to represent Horse Artillery or light batteries and 4-Figure stands to represent the heavy batteries and positional batteries.  Next up are the limbers and Caissons....


  1. Continues to come along nicely, both the terrain boards and the troops. The Jager figures painted appropriately should be fine for EHK Legion at 6mm scale; the fact that they had pointed cuffs (as volunteers) instead of round cuffs like the Landwehr *probably* won't be discernable at this scale, LOL!


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