I couldn't resist checking the fit.  Here are the armed masses arrayed for the start of conflict:

To the south, the Austrians are arrayed in depth.
Charles and the Grenadiers are just visible in the background
The Austrian vanguard surmounts the hill.

The leading elements of the Davout's Corps arrive.
The French approach

Upon closer reflection I realize that I placed Heugen far too close to the stream.  I am not sure if that is a major effect, as the modern images I have found show it to be a very minor brook.  The map also shows a rather sizable hill just to the North East of Teugn proper.


  1. Very nice aerial effect! I wouldn't worry about the stream placement; very unlikely to have any impact upon the battle unless the Austrians do really, really poorly!

    Looks like you have the base edges color coded by armies, is that right? Yellow for the Kaiserlicks, and Blue for the French?



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