The Battle of Teugn and Hausen

File:Battle of Teugen-Hausen.JPG
My 6mm Napoleonic project is going to focus on the titanic struggles between the French and Austrian forces. I have always been interested in these fights, especially the 1809 Danube campaign.  Others have done a far better job describing it, so I will leave the particulars to them.

My opening project then will be the Battle of Teugn-Hausen .  This seems an ideal  jumping off point as it was a relartively small engagement with comparable forces.  I found several excellent scenarios for different rule systems including this one my Keith McNelly.  

I purchased one of GHQ's Skirmish Board sets a couple of months ago and wanted to experiment with one of the boards.  I started with one of the blank boards:

and then added a 15cm Grid System to help transfer my reference map

Next it was a simple task to the terrain information

Then using craft foam to create the low hills

A little rough shaping with some sandpaper and then returning the guide lines.

Next comes the paint and a rough addition of flocking

Now that the easy part is done I have to figure out how to
  1. Sculpt the buildings for the towns.
  2. Add farmlands
  3. Assemble modular forests to accommodate my figures.


  1. The Terrain Board for T-H looks great so far! As much as I prefer the bigger 25/28mm figures myself, certainly 6mm has huge advantages in terms of the size of the table/board needed. Keith's scenario is excellent, and the minor "what-if's" he's thrown in make it more interesting to play out.

    Great start!


  2. I enjoyed reading your posts on my little Teugn Hausen scenario.

    I recall pondering, when I started developing the scenario, if it would provide a challenging game. It did, and I hope you have enjoyed playing it as well.

    In addition your terrain board looks first class.


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