and it begins...

Yet another 6mm blog to add to the vast hordes on the web.  I  have been collecting and painting historical miniatures for over three decades now, and recently 're-discovered' 6mm.  I cut my teeth on GHQ Microarmor   back in 1980-81  (I bought 5 BRDM-1s and 5 Chieftains for 'Engage and Destroy'), and have expanded my interests off and on for an eclectic array.

I did my stint as a GW fanboy back when the internet was young and published my first website with a focus on WFB, 40k and my two favorite GW offerings:  Man O War and Necromunda.  I got back into historical miniatures heavily about 1997 and painted an extensive collection of 15mm ACW and Napoleonics as well as 20mm World War II.

I picked up my first Baccus 6mm figs (Romans and Napoleonic Austrians) while deployed overseas in 2003.  I painted a few, but didn't get too heavily interested until two winters ago...  My 15mm Napoleonic collection started primarily as War of 1812 Americans and a collection of British regiments to face them.  This expanded into a Peninsular campaign with the addition of Portuguese,  French and Spanish troops.  I always wanted to try the 1809 Austrian campaign, but felt daunted by the sheer volume of minis required.  Thus, the 6mm figs.

Also, the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Empire has made me hearken back to the 80's the imminent threat of the bear looming over the Fulda gap.  To that end, I have become determined to assemble a Soviet Tank Division and a few MRRs for Modern Spearhead.  To face them, I am assembling representative forces from the Bundeswehr, US III Corps, and the BOAR to face them....

Which brings me to this blog.  I want to capture the creation of my epic forces, and thought it a fine time to return the internet. I intend to provide updates to my ongoing projects as well as 'Retrospectives' on what has already been done.