Warlord vikings

L to R:  Leif Erikson, Olaf Trygvasson, Ragnar Lodbrok, Erik the Red

It's been awhile since I added to the Dark Age project, so I opted to try some of the Warlord Figures on offer.  I picked up "Vikings in Britain, Kings of Norway, and Icelandic Vikings"  These are all fairly solid sculpts, with the flowing cloaks setting them apart from most of my other models in the collection.  In fact models like Ivar the boneless seem like they would be at home on a fantasy or RPG game table. 

My only complaint on these is the thin hands/wrists that make adding shields and weapons fairly difficult.  A few of them have hands positioned to close to the cloaks to effectively mount a shield.  Others are just barely large enough to survive having a hole drilled to mount a weapon.  Because of the this, I opted to focus on adding spears rather than the flimsy swords and axes provided.  I already have an Erik the red, so I opted to make this one a standard bearer.  
L to R: Ivar the Boneless, Olaf Haraldsen, Harald Bluetooth. Gunnar Hamundsen