More Samurai

My latest attempt to tackle the Samurai backlog enters the display case.  For this outing I painted the first of the three messenger models from Perry's Samurai Cavalry with Horo pack.   These are nicely sculpted two piece models. Unlike the other Perry Samurai Cavalry castings, these have the horse and rider as one piece with the right arm holding the spear attaching behind the shoulder pad.  This actually creates a much more stable casting, and I found it easier to paint that the normal three piece castings (rider, horse, weapon)

Reverse side
The horo or 'arrow catcher' on the back is a single, solid piece which adds to the heft of the model.  It paints up wells and the large curved surface took the decals readily.  In the real world the horo is a fabric cloak stretched over a wicker frame.  It was normally used to indicate a messenger or other person of import.  The name 'arrow catcher' is somewhat debated with some historians positing that its purpose was to protect the wearer from arrows fired from behind.  Another possible explanation is that the name is a tongue in cheek reference for the tendency of arrows fired at the messenger to get caught up in his large flamboyant cape....  Either way, these models have become my favorite sculpts in Perry's range.

I also completed a brace of spear armed Samurai.  I started all of these models with a black base-coat and used a black lacquer color for the armor.  I found I have a disproportionate number of Katana armed models, so the goal is to significantly increase the number of samurai with Yari, the primary weapon. 

I tried to the add differentiation with the Sashimono.  This is a mix of painted patterns and decals from different sources.

Finally I finished some models that have been languishing on the painting table for far too long.


  1. Your Samurai look splendid, Jake! The mounted messenger in red with horo and white pony is a pleasing sight.

    1. Thank you sir! I am happy with the way the horse turned out. I aimed to do more black socks than white socks with the current batch.

  2. Beautiful and colored additions, nice details!

  3. Some very nice additions to your Samurai collection!


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