Wizard Kraft terrain kickstarter

River section with the ford section hidden under the bridge

I just saw that Wizard Kraft Terrain is attempting a Kickstarter to expand his range.  I picked up his river set back at Enfilade' in 2000, and have used it ever since.  (In fact, I have sought in vain to expand that collection over the years.)  Most of my terrain set-ups include the river and lake tiles as well as some roads I picked up a couple of years ago.  You can see some examples here:

2" rivers with 1" roads
A pre-school Mason playing in the old house....
Better view of a ford section.

Road sections on a Chain of Command Board

Anyway, if you are interested, visit his site.  Or go to the Kickstarter proper to check it out.  The product is outstanding.  I just think the advertising on this Kickstarter has been tepid at best.


  1. As another very satisfied customer seeking to expand my own collection, I wholeheartedly endorse this Kickstarter!!!


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