Wow! Kickstarter actually works, sometimes....

My package finally arrived from the Watchful I Studio's 28mm Qin Dynasty kickstarter campaign.  The campaign ended back on April 22nd, with the figs slated to ship in November of last year.  To their credit, Watchful I got their first orders out in November.  There were delays in the development of the stretch goals (in my case repeating crossbows and shield bearers), so mine didn't show until last Tuesday.  (Not a problem as I still have plenty of other figures to paint.)

To their credit, Watchful I maintained excellent communications throughout the process with almost weekly updates, and waited to deliver new orders until all the kickstarter packages were sent.
Plenty of padding in the box.

My first vision.  Wait, are those slotta bases?
Everything arrived in nice, neat organized little baggies.  My only quibble was the lack of marking on the packages to help differentiate types.  My package also included a color printed banner sheet, that was sealed between two pieces of cardstock to keep it from getting dinged up.
Nice touch

I went with the Qin Banners, as I figured they were a good group to start with.  

Also tucked inside were four individual figures: Clockwise from top left:  General, Drunken master, Swordmaster and Huang Guigu (a Female General from the period, I had not heard of her.)  
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The figures almost read as an evolution of their figure design, as the swordmaster is one piece, the drunken master has tabs to ensure the arms attach in the right position, and the Female general has flat arm-torso connections to allow different arm positions (she also had an alternate left arm to have her rest on the rail of a chariot rather than the hilt of her sword.)  .

The only quibble I had with these was the awful mold line that went through the center of Huang Guigo's head.  I tried trimming it down and ended up filing off sizable portion of her hair detail.  Not a world ender, but a definite lack of quality control on a $7 miniature.  (The others were $5.)
The only other flaw I found were some pits on the back end of the horses.  Those required some putty to fill, but was not a show stopper.

My last challenge will be basing these things.  I originally made my selection around creating a small Impetus force.  The figures were cast with tabs and slotta bases, however, so I am thinking about options.  In addition, I am now eyeing using them for Lion Rampant, so things may change.  To start odd with, I am going to paint a small unit of archers and one of the characters to get a feel for these minis.


  1. interesting additions. Slotta bases... ugh!

    1. Yeah, I am still trying to figure the best approach for those. The feet are too small to snip off the tabs without requiring pinning, and I don't want to pin 150 minis.


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