Oldhammer Project - Chaos Unleashed

I am finally getting some of the older GW figs I picked up last month rehabilitated.  It seems apropos that I am doing this just as GW is about to unleash their revamped WHFB. Looking at the progress of time, you can really see the slide from 'realistically' proportioned fantasy figs to the ridiculously over the top proportions they use now.  Note the chaos hounds above compared to these later Flesh hounds

to the next update for the Flesh Hound.
I have found some photos of the follow on iterations on-line. They appear to get more and more ridiculous.

The full group.  Two are still unpainted, with only some filler putty added.

Evolutionary line up

This extends to the entire range.  Compare this early 90's plastic set skeleton to his more recent counterpart...
The spearhead is larger than the skull.
 I picked up several plastic skeletons in this set.  Compare the old models to the new ones...

Note the old style:  Proportional Spear and Coffin lid for a shield.  (nice touch.) Next to that is a more recent update with thicker bones, an obscenely over sized spear, and a 'bone shield' that makes even less sense.
 I picked up these three guys whose swords are larger than the average skeleton.

so, yeah, I am sure that it was lack of interest that drove traditional WHFB out and not a cartoonish approach to 'premium cost' figures.


As a complete aside, I picked this guy up as well.  Anyone know the manufacturer?


  1. I couldn't agree more with you on proportions, however my biggest beef with the "evolving" miniatures ranges is the distinct lack of character over time. In essence, anything > Perry is rather boring to say the least.

    1. I completely agree. The Perry's sculpts were my primary motivation for using Foundry Landsknechts and Gendarmes for my Renaissance project. Looking at the old ROC chaos minis you can really see the loss of character as they switched to more simple flat designs. It's like they forgot how to have fun.


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