Rehabilitating the Past 2.0 -Bretonnia Rises

My friend Dan painted this fig back in 1997, it won a couple of awards in 1998.  The picture does not do it justice

My old WFB Bretonnian Army is finally getting the full treatment I gave my old Empire army.  I have posted much of my dismounted contingent of late, but the real muscle in the army is its mounted Knights.  These figs have been packed away for quite some time, and last saw the game table in 1998.  It seems appropriate then, to unpack them and clean them up a bit.
They have seen better days. 

The goal is to revitalize them, perhaps for some Lions Rampant games, perhaps just to make them display worthy.  The goal for each unit is then

  • Clean dust and debris
  • Clean up paint chips, scratches, bent weapons.
  • Finish partially painted minis from the parts box to complete the unit.
  • Give the minwax treatment to 'unify' a collection painted over many years.
  • Go back and highlight colors, fix decals, etc.
  • Add pennants and banners to make the army more dynamic
  • Unified Basing scheme to make them look like an army.
First up, fittingly, are a unit of Knights Errant

These are supposed to be the young, un-blooded and impetuous knights, thus I went with simple Heraldry and bold colors.  


Standard Bearer

Musician and Knight
I went with AP Soft Tone on these, as I wanted to maintain some of the shading I did with this unit 20 years ago (ugh).  I still have there "Lance formation" movement tray in storage somewhere, so I will need to dig that out and update it as well. that it 6 down and 40-ish to go.  No problem, right?


  1. I've always regarded the Bretonnians with disgust. One of my most memorable WFB defeats came at the end of a lance. I think this post has just triggered some sort of wargamer PTSD.

    :) Good luck with the project!

    1. I understand the feeling. This is a colorful army, but always a one-trick pony. Either you get your charges and win, or get charged and lose. (Unless you fail to break your opponent on the charge, in which case you lose.)

  2. Right, no problem :-), and well worth it to see these venerable warriors return to the tabletop!

  3. Wow - sorry for missing all of these recent GW posts; you're posting couple a day it seems. Anyway, love the chick on the unicorn! Gotta try and find one someday.


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