Secret Santa arrives

Well it goes without saying that Ian at The Blog With No Name is awesome.  (In actuality he is brilliant and it his wife/organizer that is truly awesome.)  This is the second year for his Secret Santa project and I love the concept.  For those not in on it, several bloggers through our hats into the ring and his wife randomly assigned us to one another to provide a wargame based Secret Santa gift.  The brilliance is the guarantee that I will get at least one gift directly related to my hobby this year.

This years package arrived yesterday, a simple box from Scale Creep Miniatures.  Inside was the neatly wrapped package you see above.  Scale Creep is definitely upping their game.  I am not sure what it is, but I do know that it is of moderate heft and will be painted by January 1st 2014.

Last year's gift came directly from Baccus and was a great addition to my 6mm Celt Project.

This is what I like about this project.  I don't know what I am going to get, but chances are it is something I may not buy otherwise.  The result is a great addition or change of direction for a project.  In last years case it helped me maintain the momentum and complete a stalled project.  I only hope my target enjoys the gift I selected.

So to Ian I can confirm that my gift arrived, and to whoever sent it:  Thanks, I hope your Christmas is just as awesome.


  1. Cool! I wonder what you received?

    Say, are those the Foundry Landsknechts on your painting desk? Looking good!

    1. Yes they are dangerously close to being done.

  2. This village is realy amazing!


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