Cherry Blossoms falling in winter.....

This is what happens when bloggers game together...
    Jon managed to make it through Ice and fog for some Samurai Battles.  We were able to play through four scenarios.  (9-12 Azuki-Zaka I & II  and Okehazama I & II)  Jon debuted his Red Devils, taking the role of the Imagawa, while I played the forces of the Oda clan.  I can vouch that his figures look just as good in person as they do on his blog.

Second Battle of Azuki-zaka initial Set-up
 We started with the Second Battle of Azuki-zaka and took several turns to shake out the cob-webs on the rules.  I apparently took longer as Jon deftly outmaneuvered me and pulled out a 6-5 win.
Archers driven back, I would soon clear the center

Imagawa Center melts away.

Imagawa Right tears me apart.  
 We moved on to the Ambush scenario for Fort Marune.  Jon's ambush was a success, destroying the Oda 5-3.

   In our third battle, the scenario was sufficiently tilted to allow me to finally pull out a 5-4 win.  Is represented Nobunaga's attack on Yoshimoto under the cover of a thunderstorm.  I initially spent too much time focusing on the units supporting the command tent, and it almost cost me the game.   (It did cost me 2 Samurai stands, and almost Oda himself.)  I was down 4-2 when I through a last ditch attack at the command tent, and forced the retreat.  (My son decided to join us, and is a demon when it comes to rolling 'sword' results.)

For the final game we played the first battle of Azuki-zaka.  We initially avoided it as I had not painted my command stand, nor had Jon.  I opted to use my 6mm Command stand, and we drove on with the battle.  It was yet another close game, but I managed to pull a 5-4 win after drawing what I am sure Jon will describe as the most annoying succession of Dragon cards possible....
First Battle of Azuki-zaka.  Imagawa on the left.

A reckless charge of Samurai through my shattered center secures victory for the Oda clan!

It has been almost a year since my last Samurai Battles game, and I have to admit I really missed it.  The Command and Colors card mechanic, combined with the Dragon Cards, always provides a nail biting game, where momentum can shift on a dime. You can go from soul-crushing imminent defeat to narrow victory within a turn.  It makes for games that are memorable and enjoyable.  More importantly, we were able to play 4 complete games in 6 hours including gift exchange, lunch and hobby-banter.

Mason was feeling a little inspired following our games, and we set up a game of our own on the sand table:

More to follow?

This makes three games in as many months for Jon and I.  That makes this the most active hobby year I have had in almost a decade.  Overall a pretty good day.


  1. Great games, food, gifts, and comaraderie; a day well-spent!

    1. Indeed, I am half-way complete with painting the gift you got me.

  2. This seems to need Haiku, so I will add a poor attempt of mine:

    Swords cross arrows fly
    Triumph elates, loss humbles
    Friendship celebrated

    Glad you both had a great time gaming together and more. Funny observation about the blogging aspect of our hobby for some of us :-)
    Is it me or has Mason grown considerably since last seen here?

    A very happy Christmas to you and all your family!


    1. Thanks Peter, and yes he is growing far faster than I am prepared to deal with some days.

  3. Saw this on Jonathan's blog - again, I have to say it is an amazing looking game. The figures are superbly painted. Well done to you two! Merry Christmas. Dean

    1. Thanks. Your collection is inspiring me to find some good Korean 15mm models as an addition to the project. I have always been intrigued by the period


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