And now comes the light cavalry.  These are the unarmored knights from the two Conquest Games Norman Knights boxes I picked up.  They look different enough from all of the armored knights to really pop.

I've decided to stick to circular shields for my lighter and non-noble units to help differentiate unit classes a little easier.  Another change that will be more apparent with the coming updates is that I have tried to at lease maintain some color schemes standardization to help unify the army.  Red and Yellow are the predominant colors for Aragon, so I am trying to use red and/or yellow in combination with other colors on every unit.

My apologies to those anticipating more 6mm figures here on "Dartfrog's Adventures in 6mm"  I can assure you that I still this 28mm diversion is nearing completion and we shall return to God's Own Scale in due course.  If you can't wait, you can do what I do and just stand back farther from the table/monitor and pretend they are 6mm...


  1. you are really cranking out the figures. The light cavalry look great!

  2. Thanks. I am trying to get these all complete before work starts back up next week.

  3. Excellent diversion, I do a bit 28mm myself now and again.


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