More Spanish!

My first foray into 28mm Dark Ages draws nearer to completion.  Above are Eight of the Nine horsemen I picked up as part of my planned Saga force.  (The Standard bearer is complete, sans his standard...)  I really enjoy Black Tree's miniatures for their 'open' sculpts.  There is very little hidden detail tucked away beyond my brush's reach.  Thus they paint quickly.  As always there are temporarily based until I figure out my basing regimen between Saga and Impetus.  I managed to find some of my old WHFB movement trays that are 12cm across and 8cm deep, so it is a start.

I finished the remainder of my dismounted knights as well, but discovered that three of the shields were not packed in the figure packs.  I will have to go through my old WHFB bits-box to find some suitable replacements.

BTD Norman Leaders

A selection of Swordsmen

This gives me enough for two dedicated units of foot knights, plus an 'ad-hoc' formation for a third unit if necessary

Note the Falcon and the Standard bearer are not done yet....
This leaves me with the two standard bearers (foot and mounted)  and the Crossbowmen to complete.  That will my initial planned force for Saga, and the base for my Reconquista for the future.  I am thinking of ordering some of Conquest Games plastic Normans to give them a try, so potentially more in this space in July.


  1. Great progress, Jake! Unfortunately, I have yet to begin my faction. Maybe I can get some figures primed before I head over to Seattle for the week?

    1. You've got time. I am stuck on annual training and won't be touching a brush for a little while.


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