More Austrians?! more Austrians

Every time I think I am tired of painting Austrians, I find more.  For this month it is another Brace of infantry, mostly in Pink.. I did a few more Square counters.  My goal is to have enough to represent a division per side assuming the position at a time.

For the line units I added four stands of German Infantry with rose facings and 1 stand of Hungarians in light blue.  This leaves me with 10 regiments left unpainted, but probably far more than I will ever actually use.  I am switching gears to my Italians and Bavarians, so the Austrians are probably going to have to wait until the new Baccus figs come out  ...although I still have those Adler Currasiers to finish.....

On the digital subscription front, let me just say thanks to Jasper and Guy over at WSS.  They just set me up with an account and access to my old PDFs, which means I will end up getting another subscription.  Damn you "excellent customer service"  you keep taking my money.....

I really can't use this photo enough


  1. As much as I like my French Napoleonics, there is something about der Kaiserlisches... I have been thinking I need some more units of German Line, maybe in shakos - another four or so. Oh, and some Jagers - maybe the new figures by Alban. Oh, and I bought enough Foundry Austrian Hussars at the Historicon Flea Market last year for two new Regiments... just need the command figures.

    Of course, I am *supposed* to be painting 1813 Prussians, and then British and Spanish.



    (PS - Ilove the final pic, too!)

  2. Your Austrians are looking great, Jake. I, too, love the picture of your son. The pure joy in beating pop!


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