Samurai Battles Travel Edition -Part II

Litko had a rare 20% off sale this month, so I took the opportunity to get some stuff to do custom Command and Colors boards in 6mm.  My friend Jon inspired me with his custom hex mat and hills. I picked up a 2" hex template and 100 Hex bases to do up some terrain tiles.

The hills were done the same way as Jon's.  For the river tiles I just tried to mirror the 4" tiles I did for my larger scale Samurai Battles board.  I did these on a green base, as I figure I can use the same set-up for Roman vs Celt battles or whatever other "Green-World" battles I can come up with.  Next up I am going to try to do a "Brown World" scale C&C:A map for fielding my Sassanids and Crusaders (Whenever Baccus gets around to releasing them....)

For the hills, I also tried to do some larger test pieces.  The 3 hex piece is meant to reflect a ridge line, and the 4 hex a hilly area or saddle. I want to do at least one larger mountain on a 7 hex piece for plopping some Ikko-Ikki onto.

I did six test farms using different colors of static grass from my Basing box.

Next up I suppose I will need to some rice paddies.  I also intend to do all of the coastal/shoreline pieces from the C&C:A set.  Overall I am finding these hex-game diversions quite entertaining.  Now to find some suitable Japanese buildings in 3mm or 6mm...


  1. Both the map and tiles look terrific! Your river hexes are especially nice. I may need a closer inspection of the river tiles to see how you accomplished those.


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