Fireforge Sergeants

So why the sudden resurgence in interest for the Bretonnians?  Well it all started with Jon's update about Caliver Books.  I jumped at the Chance to get some figs without the usual oppressive Postage Fees from the UK, so I figured I would throw in a box of Fireforge Infantry to round out my Crusader force for Impetus.  I opted for the Sergeant's box with 40 figs, instead of the Templar infantry box, however.  I was somewhat disappointed to see that they looked a few too many centuries removed from my target era.  They did, however, look like they would fit in wonderfully with my old WFB 4th Edition Bretonnian Army.  Not wanting the group to go to waste, I opted to paint a couple of spear units and two crossbow units in the Red-Yellow livery I had already painted some of my Bretonnians in.

For the first group, I opted t make them more heavily equipped by using the excess mailed arms from the Mounted Sergeants box.  One of the lance arms was then seconded to create a standard bearer.  I was one arm short, so this unit also rates a horn blower.  The standard is from a 30 years war Saxon flag sheet, but fit well for the look I was going for.

I have also decided to mount this and the follow on units as single stand elements.  I really prefer the single stand for utility of movement, and the futility of setting my old WFB miniatures out on my display case reinforced the feeling.  Even with a movement tray I find them tipping over or spinning around.  Since I cannot foresee me ever playing with these outside the bounds of my own collection, I don't think I am risking much in basing them however I want....

Finally, to elaborate on my previous comment on the 4th Edition Bretonnian army:  (I cannot comment beyond that as I did not play WFB for 5th edition on.) I found the army dull as they had very little tactical scope.  They had the arrowhead formation; which allowed you fire an entire unit on a narrow frontage, and they had a Knightly Lance formation.

The lance was a three stack deep formation with 6 models that formed a wedge.  They could charge like this and get significant benefits on the charge.  If they failed to break their opponents, they were in serious trouble.  The models were very expensive in terms of point value (and monetary value...), so you were very susceptible to war engines.  (They would negate your 2+ save)  It was a bad enough flaw, that the army had the option of deferring initiative to gain a 4+ save against each cannon/catapult even being able to fire.

Thus I found most games with the Bretonnian army to completely hinge on getting the charge and breaking that unit.  I could set up similar themed armies with groups like the Empire, or focus on doing Infantry or Cannon heavy armies instead.  In short the Bretonnians were a 1-trick pony, although it was a fairly good trick.


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